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Artisan and Ecological Production

In Anticfang we keep the traditional methods in the manufacture of terracotta tiles. In a completely handmade process, we choose the best raw material, to which our artisans, give the form requested by our customers, to be later cooked in our ovens. The pieces are placed carefully inside the oven, following an established order so that all the pieces will cook correctly with a perfect result.

The cooking of the pieces is a process that lasts 10 days, the oven is heated up to 1000ºC. This temperature is maintained for two days to subsequently decrease until the end of the process. The cooking temperature of our ovens is unique, while the maximum cooking temperature in other ovens is 500ºC. At Anticfang we reach 1000ºC, achieving greater consistency, more resistance and therefore higher quality.

Our process is ecological, the fuel we use is biomass, composed of 100% crushed almond shell with little pollution. The consumption of the kiln is around 1,300 tons of biomass per year. This special fuel, allows a fundamental cooking for the process of destonificación of the product, endowing to the material of a range of special colors, that go, from subtle tones rosados until singular clear colors. Our kilns have a production capacity of 3,000 m2 / week.

By acquiring our products, we acquire the artisanal, quality, naturalness, ecological and beauty that our roots offer.

Artesania Comunitat Valenciana

Obtaining the qualification of Artesanía Comunitat Valenciana. This label demonstrates the craftsmanship of the company.

The Craft Qualification Document (DCA) is a voluntary obtaining document that accredits artisans and artisan enterprises before the Administration Public and consumers.

D.C.A. No. 2864
D.C.A. Nº 2864

Renewable Energy Certificate

Enérgya-VM certifies a 100% renewable source of electricity, which is why our commitment to AnticFang stands out. the environment.

Certificate by the CNMC regarding the power supply of the last years 2007 – 2013

Essays and tests on the clay

Bending tests, resistance to ice … results of the tests made on our material, successfully passed, show us once again that our handmade product makes the difference.