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Our company

Our Company


Our company AnticFang has followed the steps of a millenary culture that has evolved without losing essence. Anticfang recreates the wisdom of tradition, creating a totally natural and handmade product.

We manufacture our terracotta tiles as before, following the best steps and techniques in their preparation. By acquiring our products, you acquire the artisanal, the quality, the naturalness, the ecological and the beauty that our roots offer.

What we offer?


In AnticFang we have a wide range of formats and sizes in our terracotta tiles , with which you will get that natural, elegant and collected atmosphere that we all want in our homes. Natural and high quality products that make us feel closer to the earth.

All our terracotta tiles, being totally handcrafted, can be made to the desired size by our clients, since we serve customized and customized orders.

Our manufacturing process


We keep the traditional methods in the manufacture of terracotta tiles (“terracotta” or terracotta tiles), tiles entirely handmade.

By choosing the products, you acquire ceramic tiles and tiles, high quality, natural and ecological tiles. Terracotta tiles of great formal and natural beauty.